Clay to me is a magnificent medium, a support and material on which/with witch artists express themselves, just like canvas, wood, marble or any other material.

It has therefore surprised me all my career that there is still a hierarchy in the art world between the various forms of visual expression according to their 'canvas'.

It is from this observation, among others, but also from my passion for ceramics as a visual art, that since 2018 I started to focus on curating exhibitions, where ceramics may come first, but not only.

Precisely to emphasize the equality between the art disciplines, I like to choose also to show ceramic work by artists from other disciplines as well as to confront ceramics with numerous other art forms. It leads to fascinating combinations and always provides food for thought and discussion.


Cultural Centre Ter Dilft, Bornem – autumn 2024

MENTORS, BeCraft Mons in collaboration with Keramis, La Louvière -  2023


CRMCS#3, Contemporary Ceramics, Zwart Huis, Brussels – 2023

This is the sound of C, CC Zwaneberg, Heist o/d Berg – 2021

CRMCS#2’ A Selection of Contemporary Ceramics, Zwart Huis, Brussels – 2020

CRMCS#1 A selection of Contemporary Belgian Ceramics, Zwart Huis, Brussels – 2018