An exhibition with life-size figures, swirling ceramic vases and some pictorial tapestries.

At the request of the Cultural Center Zwaneberg in Heist-op-den-Berg, Kris Campo is curating work by eight contemporary artists. Campo has a reputation for making quirky choices and surprising combinations. With work by idiosyncratic artists, all of them talented people. They are from Belgium and abroad: Michel Gouéry and Clémence van Lunen from France, Babs Haenen from the Netherlands, Johannes Nagel from Germany, Anne Marie Laureys, Klaas Rommelaere, Coline Rosoux and Robin Vermeersch from Belgium. Some are a bit younger than others, but they are all highly relevant today. ‘This is the sound of C’ shows work that surprises in terms of design, that wrong-foots the viewer at times and where the visual power transcends the material. The exhibition is therefore primarily about the interaction between the work and the opinions of the various artists.

Kris Campo does not expect much from the visitors, except that they take their time and enjoy looking, being surprised, feeling the tension, discovering the stories that the works contain, enjoying the sometimes bizarre twists and turns that the artists present to them and seeing the humor in this. Oh yes, ‘This is the sound of C’ shows a lot of ceramics, but is not about ceramics. I mean, there’s room for tapestries too.

photos © Frederic Leemans

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